First Street redesign approved by Council

After three community meetings and numerous citizen board meetings, the design for the First Street was approved by Council on January 22, 2019. Like the Second Street redesign of 2014, the First Street project also aims to make Langley more friendly to all types of transportation by adding crosswalks and calming traffic. The City of Langley partnered with the Langley Mainstreet Association for public outreach and as a result received many valuable insights from residents and business owners.

The national movement promulgated by the National Complete Streets Coalition has been implemented in various ways throughout the country to improve the safety, sustainability, and aesthetic of streets. Here in Langley, its principles were used to make Second St more pedestrian oriented by widening sidewalks, installing planters that double as traffic calming measures, and added crosswalks to develop a better sense of ‘place.’

The First Street improvements will occur on the segment between Wharf St and Anthes Ave. in addition to three new raised crosswalks, a stamped concrete ‘plaza’ similar to the one on Second Street will be added to the Anthes intersection. More specifically, the existing roadway, sidewalk, and curb will be replaced with both stamped and standard cement concrete surfaces. The existing storm water system will be demolished and replaced.

Due to budget constraints, the project is expected to be implemented in phases. Construction for the Wharf Street raised crosswalk and the Boy and Dog Park Crosswalk is expected to be the first phase, while the Anthes plaza and Frick Lane crosswalk will be postponed to a second phase. Bids for the first phase are expected to be received soon.