Affordable Housing Open House

On Wednesday June 27 at the Langley United Methodist Church the Planning Department and Planning Advisory Board (PAB) held an open house to present some proposed amendments to the Municipal Code.  The purpose of these amendments is to:

·         implement the Comprehensive Plan

·         reduce barriers to facilitate the construction of more housing

·         encourage alternative housing types

·         encourage infill housing that fits within Langley’s small-town context

·         use existing infrastructure, for ex, sewer, water and roads

·         encourage the development of worker housing


More than 50 people attended the event.  The comments we received at the open house will be posted here.

Below are the links to the information presented at the open house.

Entire Open House Presentation 

Comprehensive Plan policies that support the proposed amendments

Facts and figures regarding Langley’s current housing statistics and demographics.

Public Comments from 6-28 open house

Proposed code amendments:

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU’s: Summary Table

ADU: Proposed Amendments

Small Accessory Dwelling Units or Tiny Homes & Tiny Home Neighborhoods

Small Dwelling Units: Summary Table 

Small Dwelling Unit: Proposed Amendments  


Boarding Homes

Boarding Houses: Proposed Amendments

Boarding House: Summary Table

Innovative Affordable Housing Ordinance


Zoning Map Amendments for Specific Parcels