Comprehensive Plan Open House Update

On Monday October 30 the City of Langley hosted an Open House to allow residents, neighbors, business owners and other stake holders to view and discuss the proposed changes to the 2017 Comprehensive Plan. The event was well attended. Display boards were placed around the council chambers, that highlighted the changes  from the last update and outlined the Growth Management Goals  and County Wide Planning Policies that establish regulations and guidance for local area planning.

One of the important components of the 2017 update includes updating all of the City’s maps. These new maps were available at the open house and online here.

A requirement of the Growth Management Act is to begin implementing the Comprehensive Plan through the adoption/revision of development regulations such as zoning. A number of parcels are proposed to be rezoned for different reasons. Many of these are updates that are necessary to reflect the parcels current use. For example, Seawall Park on the 2015 map is zoned commercial instead of the correct designation of public use. Other proposed changes are the result of property owner’s requests. An additional set of parcels are proposed to be rezoned from RS7200 to RS5000 to enable the creation of ‘infill’ lots.  These are parcels bounded by the south side of First Street and the north side of Fourth Street and the proposed changes can be seen here

The next steps for this project include

  • Working with PAB and Council to complete proposed Municipal Code amendments.
  • SEPA notice and determination was made and final comments were to be received by October 31, 2017. The City has received only one letter. Due to recent proposed changes another SEPA notice and determination will be made.
  • On October 4, 2017 the draft Comp Plan was submitted to the Department of Commerce for its 60-day review. The State may have comments that could result in further revisions to the draft Plan.
  • A public hearing will be held following the completion of the Department of Commerce’s review and prior to final approval. No public hearing date has been set.
  • Once approved, Council, staff and the different citizen boards will begin to implement the Comprehensive Plan through development regulations, plans and strategies.