Recent Additions to Langley’s Public Art

Saturday, January 7 @ 1 p.m.

On Saturday January 7th, City of Langley Mayor Tim Callison formally recognized three Island artists whose work was recently installed on Second Street in Langley.  The three pieces were selected by the Arts Commission and installed in December.

  • Dan Freeman’s metal sculpture “Opening Flower” is installed in a new public art site in front of the Langley Post Office.  $4000
  • Jan Hoy’s metal sculpture, “Twining,” is installed on the South side of Second Street Plaza. $5800
  • Dexter Lewis’s wood and metal sculpture, “Artobelisk” is installed on the north side of Second Street Plaza. $14,500

The three sculptures will be on display until June, 2018.  All three pieces are for sale and the prices are $4000 for Dan Freeman’s piece, $5800 for Jan Hoy’s and $14,500 for Dexter Lewis’s piece.  In the event of a sale of any of the three works, 20% of the sales price will go to the City of Langley.


Dan Freeman “Opening Flower”


Dexter Lewis “Artobelisk”


Jan Hoy “Twinning”