Affordable Housing Forum

You are invited to the City of Langley’s Affordable Housing Forum being held on Wednesday October 19th at 6 pm to 8:30 pm at the Langley United Methodist Church in the Fellowship Room.

The keynote speaker is Eli Spevak, owner of Orange Splot LLC, a development company and general contractor with a mission to pioneer new models of community-oriented affordable and green housing.  He will talk to us about possible options to increase housing units in the City.

There will also be a panel to provide some background about affordable housing issues in South Whidbey and Island County.

Affordable housing is a huge issue for many communities across the region, state and country including the City of Langley and South Whidbey Island.  Affordable housing means different things to different people but if you are paying more than 30 % of your household income on housing related costs then it is considered to be unaffordable.  In Langley and South Whidbey we are also challenged with a limited supply of housing, particularly affordable rental units. At the forum we will discuss what the City of Langley can possibly do using the tools available to us.  We hope you will come and be part of the conversation.

Contact Brigid, Director of Community Planning, at 360-221-4246 or for more information.