Upcoming Meeting and Public Hearing


We are entering exciting and busy times regarding the Comp Plan update. This coming week is especially important as we have our regular meeting and a special public hearing  scheduled and a lot of material to go over with you.

Next week we have our regular meeting Wednesday Jan. 20th at 3:00 PM in council chambers. During this meeting we will be reviewing the Executive Summary and Utilities elements. These are the last two elements to discuss with the public. We cannot wait to share these two in draft form to you, the public.

Following our scheduled regular meeting, Community Planning staff and the Planning Advisory Board will be hosting a public hearing at 6:30 PM in council chambers in order to discuss the elements Arts, Housing, Parks, Open Space and Trails, Transportation, Utilities, and the Executive Summary. We are excited to share these elements in draft form and to receive feedback and comments about our work thus far. As you know many of these elements can have a tremendous impact on the future of this city. With your assistance we can set the vision for Langley’s wonderful future.

Additionally, keep up to date with all our draft elements when they become available on our new stand alone Comp Plan Update  section here at designLangley.

We look forward to hearing from you at our upcoming meetings but if you are unable to attend please leave feedback below!