Comp Plan UPDATE Discussion of Housing and Transportation Elements


We are entering some exciting but busy times regarding the Comprehensive Plan update. With a deadline fast approaching, planning staff and the Planning advisory Board (PAB) will be busy fulfilling the necessary requirements in order to complete the update.

This Wednesday December 2nd we begin to put some major issues behind us and begin to look forward to the remaining elements. Our main focus will be reviewing the Housing and Transportation elements in the comprehensive plan. How we live and move in and through the city can have profound impacts to the vision and future of Langley. Further, we have entered into exciting times regarding best practices for environmental stewardship, avoiding degradation and how we as a community can bring about positive change through innovative planning techniques in our built and natural environments. We strongly encourage you to read both elements of the Comprehensive Plan and come to the meeting armed with questions and comments! Or if you are unable to attend, leave them here and we’ll forward them to planning staff and the PAB.

Additionally, we will be discussing our upcoming public hearing scheduled for December 16th. Here we will be discussing all completed elements and taking any feedback from you, the residents of Langley. Stay tuned for more updates and element drafts as we move closer to the public hearing date.

Get your copy of these elements here!
Housing Element
Transportation Element

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and as always thank you and we’ll see you at our upcoming meetings!

Upcoming December Schedule:

12/2/15 Work Session

  • Transportation Element
  • Shoreline Element
  • Housing Element

12/16/15 Regular Meeting

  • Parks, Open Space and Trails Element
  • Scenic Corridor Streetscape Element
    *Following we will have a public meeting at 6:30 pm on the following elements: Capital Facilities, Economic Development, Land-use, Sustainability and the UGA*