“UPDATE” Revised Comprehensive Plan Meeting Schedule

The past few weeks the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) and Planning Staff has been busy developing a new plan to finish our Comp Plan update by March 2016. While our work may seem to have been temporarily halted, our group has been working diligently  finishing elements with updated tables. The backbone of the Comp Plan, the Land Use Element, is close to completion and will be posted on this website as well as the cities for you to review. You may also review a copy at City Hall or the Library if that’s your preference, when it becomes available.

In order to complete this endeavor on time, our group has created an updated work schedule and a new plan. Our regular meetings and work sessions will remain at the same time, every first and third Wednesday at 3pm in the council chambers at city hall. Returning as well our the public meetings with planning staff and the PAB. However, the date has been moved the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 following our regular meetings. This was reestablished in order to have increased citizen participation throughout the process and a chance for you to leave your comments and concerns directly to the people involved.

It is our hope that with our new schedule and work plan, we can better accomplish this task and be better accommodating to your busy lives. As always your comments are welcome on this forum and will be treated as if you made one at any of our public meetings.

Our next three meetings

11/18/15 Regular Meeting

  • Finish Land Use Element
  • Capital Facilities Element

12/2/15 Work Session

  • Transportation Element
  • Shoreline Element
  • Housing Element

12/16/15 Regular Meeting

  • Parks, Open Space, and Trails Element
  • Scenic Corridor Streetscape Element
    *Following we will have a public meeting at 6:30 pm on the following elements: Capital Facilities, Economic Development, Land-use, Sustainability and the UGA*

Our Complete Updated Schedule

Thanks for your patience and we hope to see you at any of the upcoming meetings!