“UPDATE” September Comprehensive Plan Meetings

Hello Langley,

Thank you for everyone who attended our “First Wednesday” public workshop and presentation from the city engineer regarding the status of Langley’s Sewer Comprehensive Plan.

We have been busy working on the comprehensive plan update. As we continue working on each element we want to update you on any proposed changes to the schedule and work sessions.

To date, the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) has reviewed the City’s Vision Statement, the Sustainability Element, and the Economic Development Element. We are currently reviewing the Land Use Element, which now includes a discussion on the future of our Urban Growth Area (UGA). It is important to finalize the status of the UGA before we continue with the rest of the document.

Our remaining September meetings will be a series of discussions and presentations designed to inform the public, PAB and the City Council on why we need some or none of the UGA. Below is a list of our revised upcoming September Meetings

We hope to see you there!

9/16/15 Regular Meeting

  • UGA Presentation
  • Continue Review of Land Use Element


  • Discussion of UGA


  • Presentation of UGA Recommendations

Check out our complete list of upcoming meetings for the comprehensive plan update.