Upcoming Comprehensive Plan Meeting: Economic Development

We are now getting deeper into our work updating the Comprehensive Plan. We have been listening to your voice and diligently working to promote the goals of Langley in the pages of the burgeoning document. This coming Wednesday August 5th at 3pm, we will be having our first meeting of the month discussing the Economic Development element of our Comprehensive Plan. This is an important part of the plan as it provides needed revenue for the city and has the ability to provide a greater quality of life for the residents of Langley.

Economic Development is the launching pad for the rest of the document. How Langley works has the ability to interact with the other elements of the document like no other. It can be expressed how us residents not only work but play within the city unleashing the creative spirit Langley is known for and to provide a base for 21st century development.

Additionally Langley is a tourist city, especially during the summer months. Many visitors flock to our “Village by the Sea” in order to escape the city, enjoy our natural and artistic beauty or to relax on island time in a village atmosphere. This poses an added complexity to the planning process and raises the question, how do you reconcile planning for tourism with the needs of the community? However, over the years Langley has lost many businesses oriented to locals despite active encouragement within our planning documents. In order to provide residents with the greatest quality of life, Langley must be a place where residents can “live work and play”.

The previous Comprehensive Plan had some wonderful idea’s to foster economic development for Langley. It laid out a vision for key area’s such as the arts, waterfront, downtown and the knowledge economy. We feel it can be enhanced as we continue into the 21st century and provide a better vision of our future here in Langley.

So read the Economic Development element of the Comprehensive Plan and join us Wednesday August 5th at 3pm in City Hall as we discuss Economic Development element in our Comprehensive Plan. Come armed with questions, comments or concerns for our staff. If you are unable to attend please leave your feedback with us and we will forward it to planning staff and the Planning Advisory Board as if you were in attendance.

We’ll see you Wednesday!

P.S. Island County planning staff will be holding a public meeting August 5 regarding the UGA at 6 pm. This should be an informative meeting as they’re also in the process of updating their comprehensive plan.