Upcoming Comprehensive Plan Meeting

Hello Langley,

As we have been discussing, the city of Langley has begun work on overhauling their Comprehensive Plan. In order to be successful, city staff encourages full public participation. The Planning Advisory Board and Community Planning staff are coordinating efforts with increased meetings throughout the year to facilitate an increase in participation.

This Wednesday July 15th will be the second meeting of the month. Our main focus will be reviewing the vision statement and sustainability element in the comprehensive plan. We have entered into exciting times regarding best practices for environmental stewardship, avoiding degradation and how we as a community can bring about positive change in our built and natural environments. Both will be critical in developing a framework for growth and vision of the future of Langley. We strongly encourage you to read both elements of the Comprehensive Plan and come to the meeting armed with questions and comments!

Additionally, we will be discussing our Urban Growth Area and its future ahead of our meeting with county staff on August 5th. Though we are unsure about the scope of their meeting, we want to start the discussion about how we as a city want to move forward regarding the size of our UGA and provide feedback for the county as they begin their planning process.

Also, a huge thank you to all who submitted their feedback regarding last weeks post. There were some great responses. Your comments have been noted and forwarded to planning staff. If you missed it check it out here and leave your feedback either on the site or at our upcoming meeting.

We’ll see you Wednesday!