2016 Comprehensive Plan Overhaul

Hello Langley,

It has been awhile since we’ve had a discussion. Well… we wanted to change that and hope to be online much more frequently, providing updates and news about planning and design in our wonderful village by the sea.

With that said, many of you may already know the city of Langley has begun to update the comprehensive plan to be completed by the summer of 2016 (we’ll discuss why below). This “periodic update” is required by state of Washington law and will include many opportunities for public involvement. The Planning Advisory Board (PAB) will be facilitating the process for public input in partnership with the Department of Community Planning. We hope to use this blog in conjunction with formal public meetings, charettes etc. to increase public participation, provide information and receive feedback with regards to the update throughout the year.

Despite being an informal medium, we will take comments and feedback on Design Langley as if they were in a public meeting and will relay them to the proper person(s) and bring them up at the next meeting.

The PAB in conjunction with the department of Community Planning have made a tentative work schedule regarding the update and have doubled the number of meetings per month with a regular meeting and a work session and will still occur at 3pm. This is designed to change and allow flexibility during the process.  We will keep you informed to any changes to the schedule.

Comprehensive Plan Work Schedule:

7/15/15 Regular Meeting

  1. Visions & Goals
  2. Urban Growth Area Information

8/5/15 Work Session

  1. Meet with county staff re: UGA’s
  2. Land use element
  3. Public meeting 6 pm re: UGA’s

What is a Comprehensive Plan and why do we do it?

Short Answer: It’s required by law under the Growth Management Act (GMA).

Long Answer: The comprehensive plan is a local government’s long-range planning document in order to assist the community to reach their desired future and aspiration of intended growth. Its outcome identifies and establishes a long-term vision for the community as well as policy initiatives in key areas of development surrounding transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, economic development and housing. Think of it as a “land use constitution”.

Since the adoption of the comprehensive plan in 1994 and the approval of the development regulations implementing the comprehensive plan in 1995, the city has been periodically updating both the plans and regulations to maintain consistencies with the GMA and related requirements. These updates ensure that both the plan and regulations reflect the long-term vision for growth and development of the City of Langley, to implement current best practices in a rapidly changing world and to remain consistent and clear in their purposes.

Despite being a state mandate, the GMA allows the city to maintain local control in the decision making process. So we can assert control over the issues most pressing to Langley and will reinforce our village character and identity.

<Langley’s Current Comprehensive Plan>

So your homework is, read the Executive Summery with particular attention to the vision of future section of the comprehensive plan and submit your feedback either on this site or in person at our next meeting on July 15th. Your voice is important and we want to hear it!