Second Street Loading Zone

As part of the Second Street Project the city intends to establish one full length truck loading zone in front of the US Bank by closing the curb cut closest to Anthes. This truck loading zone would serve as the only designated truck loading zone on Second Street.  This proposal was developed in response to input we received during the public involvement process as well as a technical analysis.

Proposed Truck Loading Zone Diagram:

Langley Truck Loading Zone Graphic

The advantages of the proposed truck loading zone are:

  • Improved Access – The proposed truck loading zone is between an alley and a street end allow for easy ingress and egress
  • Minimal Grade – The proposed truck loading zone is relatively flat and will allow the trucks to follow state law and park in the direct with traffic
  • Minimal Impact on Pedestrian Oriented Businesses – Because the US Bank is oriented towards the parking lot and not to Second Street the truck loading zone will not negatively impact their business

Prior to finalizing the decision to establish a single full size truck loading zone the city is interested in hearing any concerns from local businesses.  The city is committed to providing safe and convenient truck loading on Second Street to support the local businesses.  Please use the form below to submit any comments directly to the Dept. of Community Planning (comments will not be posted on this site).