First Street Parking Alternatives

The city has received a request from business owners on First Street to reevaluate the parking configuration on the north side of the First Street from the Boy and Dog Park to Anthes Avenue.  Since 2008 the parking has been configured for angled parking. Prior to 2008 the area was configured for parallel parking.  Historic photos show First Street has typically had one of the street used for angled parking.  The concern from business owners is that the angled parking blocks the visibility of the storefronts particularly when large vehicles occupy the spaces.  A conversion back to parallel parking would result in the loss of 10 parking spaces (from 20 to 10).  The Department of Community Planning has prepared a white paper on the topic including three alternatives.  One alternative includes the addition of pedestrian space on the north side of the First Street.  A meeting is planned for 9:30 AM on April 23rd in city hall to present the alternatives and provide an opportunity for public comment.  The white paper is attached below along with a comment form that may be used to submit comments directly to the city.

First Street Parking White Paper