Second Street Preferred Alternative

The Second Street Project is more than a street project, it’s a placemaking opportunity.  Placemaking opportunities allow a community to express its values through the design and use of public space, which is something the Langley community is already very adept at.  This project will simply build upon the already amazing placemaking that occurs here on almost a daily basis.  Placemaking is also increasingly acknowledged as being tied to economic sustainability as people have more freedom to choose where to live, work and play.  We understand from our public involvement efforts that community does not want to lose the organic look and feel along Second Street and that improvements should reflect the existing aesthetic.  We also want to ensure the design of Second Street supports our amazing local businesses through convenient access for customers and deliveries as well as an inviting streetscape.  We’ve designed the alternatives with this very much in mind.

Regardless of the long term benefits any major street project will inevitably involve short-term impacts during construction.  The city is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure that construction impacts are minimized as much as possible.  The city is seeking funding for the project and will update the community once funding is acquired and a construction timeline has been established.  Construction would not occur until at least 2013 and more likely in 2014.  Stay tuned here for the most up to date info.

Based on an extensive public involvement effort that resulted in substantial input from the community the city council endorsed plan Alternative C at the August 9, 2012 meeting.  

Alternative C enhances the pedestrian environment through increased pedestrian space provided in wider 10′ sidewalks that will accommodate increased seating areas, sidewalk cafes, landscaping, public art, wayfinding signage and other elements.  The north side of the street will be converted to parallel parking to accommodate the wider sidewalks.  Other design elements including a public plaza in front of the old firehouse, an overlook towards the sound at the top of Second Street on the east side of Cascade, gateway elements at the east and west ends of the project area, way finding cues and public art will be incorporated into the project.  Undergrounding utilities and pedestrian scale lighting are not included in the preferred alternative.  The city is also working to implement new parking management strategies including providing additional off-street parking through cooperative agreements with private property owners and providing designated off-street parking for employees of downtown businesses.  The selection of a preferred alternative is not the end of the design process or public involvement so stay tuned here as details continue to develop.  Lastly I want to thank everyone that has been involved and provided input on this important project – community based design does not work without your continued involvement!  Comments or questions can be sent to

Preferred Alternative

The design is still conceptual at this point and many details are still be determined as the design and engineering process continues.  

**Please note the above graphic shows parallel parking on the south side.  The preferred alternative has parallel parking on the north side.  An updated graphic will be provided soon.