The Second Street Project Rumor Mill

As the project manager and lead designer for the Second Street Project I’ve been hearing from many different people in the community about all the things they heard I’m planning for the Second Street Project.  These are news to me.  Among the claims are that all the cars are going to be removed, we’re turning it into Times Square, it’s going to become a one-way street, and we’re going to start construction very soon and not only are we going to tear up Second Street, but we are going to tear up First and Anthes at the same time.  None of these are true.

I’d like to reiterate that we are in the midst of a community based design process and NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE ON THE PROJECT.  We are providing a myriad of ways to have your voice heard, to learn what is actually happening with the project and provide us your concerns, ideas, desires and needs.  We are starting to set up one on one meetings with each property and business owner along Second Street, but if there are other downtown property or business owners that want to meet I am more than willing to meet with anyone and everyone (residents too of course).  We are aiming to make a decision on a preferred design alternative at the end of August so it’s important if you want your voice to be heard that you get involved now.  Construction likely won’t happen until at least 2014.  My direct line is 360 221-4246 x26 so if you hear a concerning rumor about the project don’t hesitate to call me directly to find out if it has any merit or provide input.  We’ve gotten quality input from the community already, which is summarized below.  Our job is to listen to the community and interpret the input into a coherent design that reflects the community values.  Our job is not to impose some preconceived design philosophy onto the community.  So, if you hear something that concerns you or you have valuable input to provide please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I look forward to hearing from you.  There is a comment form at the end of this post that you can also use to send comments directly to me, they are not posted on the blog.  I’ll provide more detailed information on the project as it progresses.


1.  Second is a safe street for crossing, everyone agrees to dance  (let’s reinforce it) i.e. people cross without using the crosswalks

2.  Visual Variety, Lots of diversity (let’s not homogenize it)

3.  Big Space (let’s make it more pedestrian scaled)

4.  Authentic & Genuine – NOT CONTRIVED (don’t disneyfy it)

5.  Learning to Park (on 3rd, management on 2nd, clear connections) – provide better signage and way finding to parking on 3rd Street and other public parking areas as well as to the mid block alleyways.

6.  Identify opportunities for enhancing underutilized space

-Open Space


7.  Working Street – Provide safe and convenient truck loading, access to businesses and parking.